Amenities that make living


At D’Ornate

Largest Podium Garden

Of Indore

Come, Join us in the celebration – nature’s play of Holi. Vibrant flowers. The green Carpet, Coloured leaves, prosperous trees. Dance of the cool air, Music by the sparrow’s group.
Discover the morning cup of tea n the gazebos and other sit out spaces. It’s a spring of positive energy….
The D’ornate air is distinctive. You don’t have to take a deep breath. The fragrance of cheer is unmistakable. Good morning D’ornate!

Podium Garden | Landscape Garden | Jogging Track

Swimming Pool

In the vicinity

D’Ornate by its very nature’s wellness for all. D’ornate soothes and charms the inhabitants, including women, with its activities.
It’s also a fine, intimate social avenue. Simple ideas in the concept, an honest effort to be inclusive, few additional facets in the design splash goodness n lifestyle, touching every resident here.

The Club Life

Fitness, Lesuire and all thing nice

For a long, you have planned to take your health seriously… Jog, swim etc. What can make all this happen, spontaneously?
The night vibe at D’Ornate gives you deep sleep enthusiasm.
Explore the fully functioning gymnasium or take a dip in the amazing pool.
But the point is basic health and wellness for your family. It’s good to see D’Ornate on your face.

Luxury Living

At every Corner

Wake up in the arms of luxury and feel like a king. D’Ornate gives you a taste of luxury like no other and makes you feel like a king.
The spacious room coupled high-quality materials and french windows with large  sundecks that will give you a rich experience and make you fall in love with your home every day. Feel pampered, relaxed, and refreshed every day and get ready to wake up feeling refreshed in the arms of luxury. To add convenience, you will also get a separate utility space for washing and drying.