Features that


Quality Living at D’Ornate

Earthquake Resistance Structure

For Life Long Protection

D’Ornate is built to be earthquake resistant with more steel per square foot. The caution ensure security for your family and brings 100% peace of mind to you. Your family deserves it.

World-Class German Bath Fittings

In match with Elegance 

True elegance is geography-proof. At D’Ornate, the fittings, systems, every design/element is ‘world-class’. It’s the same you would find at a fine hotel in Germany or France. The bathrooms are completely geared with German fittings that are a crest apart. Complementing them are French-design windows. At D’Orntae, luxury is a routine habit.

Vastu Compliant

For a Positive Living

A house is not about bricks and walls: its is majorly about security, peace, and well being. We live in times when our busy and stressful lifestyle takes a toll on our personal relationships. We would love to live in a house where positive energies flow, nourishing our family ties and personal relationships. 

D’Ornate ensures every house that we build is Vastu Compliant for you to enjoy the D’Ornate life to the fullest.

Power Backup

In Common Area

In every apartment power supply is a vital issue that has to be taken care of in order for residents to live a life of comfort.

Since power cuts can become a recurrent problem in every apartment society, D’Ornate ensures that all common areas are equipped with power backup plans in order to keep their residents at ease.